Getting Started

If you've heard all about Bitcoin and other "Alt Coins" out there and are interested in getting started with it, this is a great place to start! Entropycoin is an alternative crypto currency similar to Litecoin and Dogecoin. We've come up with this Getting Started guide to make it easy to use without having to have expensive mining equipment or in depth knowledge of installing it on your own. Once you complete this guide, you should have some Entropycoins of your own. Enjoy!

Step 1: Download the Windows Setup File
The windows installer can be download by clicking the download tab above and selecting "Download Windows Wallet with Installer". Once the file has been downloaded, double click it. Allow Windows to install the application if prompted, and continue with the installation as seen below.

Step 2: Run the Installer

Click Next

Click Install. Windows might ask you for permission to make changes. Allow the changes.

Click the Finish button with the Launch the Application checkbox selected. An icon for Entropycoin will also be placed on your Desktop so that you can run it in the future.

Step 3: Let the Client Synchronize

The Entropycoin application will show a splash screen and then load. Notice that the lower left corner of the screen reads Synchronizing. This process synchronizes the software with the rest of the network by downloading the Blockchain. This may take several hours to complete. The process is complete when the Progress Bar has finished and a green checkmark appears in the lower right of the window as seen below.

The client is up to date! This is verified by the green checkmark on the right hand side. You are now ready to accept ENC payments!

Step 4: Getting your Wallet Address

Clicking the Receive button will show the above screen. Notice that you already have an ENC address that starts with the letter 'E'. This is your public address and can be sent freely to anyone else. You can copy this address to the clipboard by clicking the Copy Address button. You are now ready to test out the Wallet!

Step 5: Get Some ENC
The easiest way to get ENC is by playing the Human Minable Entropycoin Game. To play, click the Game button at the top of the screen. When you reach a certain number of points and the game ends, you will be prompted to enter your Wallet Address. Copy it using the instructions above and paste it into the TextBox on the Website. Enter a nickname of your choosing, and click the Get ENC button. You should see your ENC appear in your wallet in 5-10 minutes.