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Game rewards have been temporarily shut down and payouts suspended.

Total Game Payouts:
Game is OFFLINE. No ENC will be rewarded.
ENC Donations: EVLqhcZA41BWTBQGLbXZc3U5pZ4d4d5T8G
Game Rules:
Use the arrow keys to control the Spaceship.
- Up (move the ship up)
- Down (move the ship down)
- Left (move the ship left)
- Right (move the ship right)
- Spacebar (fire lasers)

- ENC Amount does not start increasing until Score reaches 10,000.
- Amount of ENC is based on a ratio of points to ENC. This ratio may change at any time. Amount of ENC is an estimate.
- The game will last at long as there are coins in the wallet. Once the coins have been exhausted you can still play, but not for coins.
- The Maximum number of coins per day is currently 1000 ENC per Day per IP Address. This is subject to change based upon usage.
- If an IP Address is found to be abusing the system or attempting to obtain more coins than actually won, the IP Address will be blocked.
- The amount of ENC displayed on your screen is not a guarantee that you will receive a payout or a payout of that amount.
- Rules are in place in case of abuse of the system.
- Game may not work on all browsers. It is only intended to be supported on the latest version of Chrome.
- Payments may take a while depending on several factors. Please be patient.

Open Source Attributions:
- The game is built using Phaser.io: http://phaser.io/
- The game is based off Phaser.io Invaders and is available on GitHub at: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser
- Phaser is released under the MIT License.
- The Javascript source code for this game is Open Source under the terms of the MIT License.
- Server-side code is original and IS NOT open source.
- Open source sounds are commented in code
- Thanks to http://www.freesfx.co.uk/info/eula/

Copyrighted Materials
- Specials thanks to First Division on SoundCloud for Theme Music